This location is currently CLOSED for the summer.

Food court featuring Burger King; creative pizza; hot pastas; fresh hot and cold subs; and Jazzman’s Gourmet and Organic Coffee, high-quality teas, and freshly baked pastries.

Burger King will close April 27 through the summer

Enjoy the king of burgers with a mouthwatering Whopper®. Try the original or go the healthy route with a grilled chicken Whopper® or a fresh salad. Plus, we’re open early, so you can enjoy a hot breakfast with a Croissan’wich and hash browns or French toast sticks.

Salad Sensations


Salad Senations will close April 27 through the summer

An extensive selection of fresh ingredients to build your own salad with crisp vegetables and special additions including shrimp, chicken, and steak.


Burrito Bowl will close April 27 through the summer


From Korean Barbecue Sauce and Athenian Greek dressing to strawberry vinegarette and authentic buffalo saauce, BurritoBowl offers signature bowls, burritos, and salads with a unique international flair. BurritoBowl also offers an extensive list of freshly made smoothies!


SubConnection will close April 27

through the summer

Sub Connection serves enticing subs made with high quality meats, garden fresh produce, and fresh baked breads.  Available everyday options include turkey, Italian, American, ham and cheese, vegetarian, roast beef, tuna, BLT, meatball, steak and cheese or chicken fajita.  All sub options can be upgraded to a wrap.  Sides of chips, cookies, and side salads are available.  Portions are generous and made-to-order; definitely not your ordinary sub shop!  All subs are available toasted.


Pizza Hut will close April 27 through the summer


Pizza Hut Express features freshly made personal-pan pizzas, breasticks, pastas, wings, and desserts. Options range from cheese and pepperoni to specialty pizzas, meaty marinara pasta and chicken alfredo!