2018 - 2019 Meal Plans

Apartment Residents and Commuter Meal Plans

It is important to remember that apartment-style residents and commuters may select from any of the traditional meal plans in the Ultimate Access or Dining Pass Tiers or the voluntary options below; however, the options below are not available for residence hall students.

The plans below allow off-campus students the opportunity to gain nourishment throughout the day by providing Dining Passes, Dining Dollars, or a combination of both, depending on your needs.

While dining passes will expire at the end of each semester, that is not the case with dining dollars between the Fall and Spring semester. Remaining dining dollars will roll over between the fall/spring semester as long as the student maintains the same meal plan, a meal plan within the same tier, or selects a larger meal plan. If a student changes their meal plan but drops to a lower tier, their remaining dining dollars will NOT roll over. If a student has dining dollars remaining after the spring semester or summer session, they WILL be forfeited no matter what.


Plan A: 35 Passes with $320 Dining Dollars $725
Plan B: 15 Passes with $225 Dining Dollars $425
Plan C: $725 Dining Dollars ONLY $725
Plan D: $375 Dining Dollars ONLY $375




Meal Plan Policies

All students residing in residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan.* Students residing in apartment-style accommodations may purchase a meal plan, but are not required to do so.** In the event that you do not receive University Housing, you will need to apply for a meal plan by contacting Panther Central.

Dining facilities are open when undergraduate classes are in session and accept meal plans during the school term with the following exceptions: Thanksgiving Recess and Winter Recess. During Spring Break students may use the Dining Dollars portion of their meal plan at dining facilities which are open during that week.

Visit the Panther Central Publications Page to complete a Meal Plan Application/Change form and submit it to Panther Central no later than the last day of the add/drop period. Please refer to your Housing/Dining Services Contact or academic calendar for the exact add/drop date.

* Our residence halls include Amos Hall, Brackenridge Hall, Bruce Hall, Forbes Hall, Holland Hall, Litchfield Towers, Lothrop Hall, Nordenberg Hall, McCormick Hall, Panther Hall, Pennsylvania Hall, Sutherland Hall and the Fraternity Complex.

** Our apartment style accommodations include Bouquet Gardens, Centre Plaza, Forbes-Craig, and Ruskin Hall.