Housing Map

The University offers several housing options to undergraduate students, from the rich diversity of our residence halls to the more self-reliant environment of apartment-style living.

Residence Halls      

Forbes Hall

McCormick Hall

House 8 Sutherland Hall Pather Hall Fraternity Complex Pennslyvania Hall Lothrop Hall Forbes Hall Bouquet Gardens Litchfield Tower C Litchfield Tower A Litchfield Tower B Brackenridge Hall Holland Hall Nordenberg Hall Amos Hall McCormick Hall Bruce Hall Forbes-Craig Apartments Ruskin Hall Centre Plaza Apartments

Litchfield Tower A*

Nordenberg Hall*

Litchfield Tower B*

Sutherland Hall*

Litchfield Tower C*

Irvis Hall

Lothrop Hall*

Fraternity Complex

Amos Hall

Panther Hall

Brackenridge Hall

House 8*

Bruce Hall

Holland Hall*

* denotes freshmen housing option
Apartment-style Accommodations

Bouquet Gardens

Ruskin Hall

Forbes-Craig Apartments

Centre Plaza Apartments

Off-Campus Living

Off-Campus Living provides students with the necessary information and tools to successfully reside in off-campus accommodations, including a Renters' Guide, apartment listings, roommate and subletting service, as well as other useful tips and contact information to assist you in your role as tenant.

Learn more about Off-Campus Living, call 412-624-6998, or stop in our offices at 127 North Bellefield Avenue where our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.