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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions for University-owned Housing for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Spring Move-Out

Is there a designated move-out date and time window?

Moving carts will be available for self-checkout April 24-28, and move-out cart stations will be available April 29 – May 2. However, you may move out prior to April 24, if you choose. The Student Handbook recommends students depart 24 hours after their last final exam.

When do residence halls close?

Residence halls and on-campus apartments will close at 12PM on May 2.

Can I have a helper for move-out?

From April 24 – May 2, students will be permitted one helper to assist with move out. Helpers will be required to wear wristband and adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Can I stay on campus later than May 2 if I need to?

Graduating seniors are permitted to stay on campus to attend graduation ceremonies. All students who qualify for a housing extension have been contacted at this time

Do I need to shelter in place before moving out?

Yes, you should shelter in place before leaving campus. A University-wide shelter in place will begin on March 31. Learn more about shelter in place guidelines here. 

Do I need to check out of my campus accommodation?

Yes, you need to complete the check-out form, after you have finished moving out of your room. To complete the form, follow these directions, or look for the posted QR codes in your residence hall.

Will there be parking for move-out?

Yes, see designated parking areas in our Spring Move-Out Guide.

If I live in Residence Inn Bigelow, Residence Inn Forbes, or the Wyndham Hotel, do I have special move-out instructions?

Yes, please see our Spring Move-Out Guide for more information. Carts will be available to make move-out easy for you!

Is there a move-out checklist for on-campus apartment residents?

Yes! Please see page 5 of our Spring Move-Out Guide.

When does my meal membership end for the year?

Your meal membership ends on Saturday, May 1, but Dining Dollars can be used on May 2.

Can my move-out helper have lunch in the dining halls?

Due to the end-of-year shelter in place, all dining locations are carry-out only. You are welcome to use a Flex Pass or Dining Dollars to purchase a meal for your helper.

General Questions


\What does de-densification mean?

A decrease in the density or concentration of something. To de-densify student housing, we will spread out the number of people per square foot to support a safer environment. This plan allows the university to provide housing placements to all students who have fall housing guarantees following required CDC and university safety protocols. We are doing this in our communal bathroom buildings that have doubles, triples, and quads.  

What hotels will be used for student housing in the 2020-2021 academic year? 

Pitt will partner with three hotels: Residence Inn Pittsburgh University Medical Center on Bigelow Blvd., Residence Inn Pittsburgh University Place on Forbes Ave., and Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center on Lytton Ave., utilizing the entire hotel at each location only for Pitt students.

Are hotels for students only?

Yes, the University will utilize the entire hotel at each location for Pitt students, providing a dedicated housing experience just like traditional residence halls with a Resident Assistant and a Resident Director.

What are the advantages of living in a Pitt Experience partner property?

Most students who reside in a partner hotel will have a roommate. They will also have a private bathroom for their residence vs. communal bathrooms found in most residence halls and enjoy quality accommodations. Most importantly, the same commitment, care and attention given to students in residence halls will be provided to students who reside in a Pitt Experience partner property to ensure a positive, fully integrated student experience. This support will include a Resident Assistant, Resident Director, student life activities, 24/7 security, and campus shuttle.

Will hotel properties be on or near campus?

All hotels are within a 15-minute walk of the Cathedral of Learning, comparable to many other residence halls including Forbes, Lothrop, and Sutherland Halls. Students residing in hotels will also have access to campus shuttle services for transportation to/from campus for classes, dining and student activities. 

What will be in place to support student safety in hotel properties? 

All properties will have 24/7 security in place, along with a Resident Assistant and Resident Director. Campus shuttles, as well as after-hours SafeRider services, will be available to provide transportation services to/from campus. 

Will students who reside in hotel properties have a different academic experience?

No, the experience will be just like living in a traditional residence hall with a Resident Assistant on each floor. The Flex@Pitt academic experience will be available to all students, regardless of where they live on campus or off campus, which allows for in-person, remote, synchronous and asynchronous learning approaches. 

How do lock outs/lost keys work at the hotels? 

Each partner property will have 24/7 University security assistance and the ability to help if you are locked out of your room or lost your key. Learn more about what you can expect at your housing location.

Will I receive a refund on housing/dining if the University closes?

We do not intend to close University operations and have comprehensive plans in place to support the health and safety of the Pitt community. With this in mind, in the event of extraordinary circumstances that require the closure of residence and dining halls, we will make every effort to work with students and families on housing/dining pro-rata reductions as completed in spring 2020.

Will these hotel leases carry into the Spring semester or will students be expected to relocate at that time? 

We anticipate that these arrangements will continue throughout the 2020-21 academic year.

Guests in University Housing

Am I allowed to have guests in my assigned University housing room?

Yes, but students are urged to limit the number of close contacts, and are required to limit guests per our Occupancies for Guests in University Housing Chart. In addition, permitted guests only include those students who are residents of your assigned building. Pitt affiliates living in other locations (on or off campus) are not permitted to enter your assigned building or your assigned room. Likewise, non-Pitt affiliates are not permitted to enter your assigned building or assigned room.  

How many guests am I permitted to have in my assigned room?

The number of guests permitted in an assigned room varies by building and room size, please refer to our Occupancies for Guests in University Housing Chart for more detail.  

What are the maximum occupancy limits at given time in individual student rooms?

Provided guests can maintain social distancing and wear a face covering, the following Occupancies for Guests in University Housing Chart lists the maximum occupancies for all of our on-campus accommodations.

Are my guests required to wear a face covering while in my assigned room?

Yes, our health and safety standards require that guests always wear a face covering. Face coverings should only be removed while eating. 

What are the consequences for failing to abide by the University's health and safety standard and protocols generally and specifically related to guests in assigned University housing? 

Failing to comply with guidance set forth by the University, federal, state and/or local authorities regarding public health and/or safety is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Potential sanctions include a written reprimand up to and including dismissal from the University.

Where can I find the University's health and safety guidelines, as well as other information related to housing, dining, etc.? 

Visit Pitt's coronavirus site for the most up-to-date information regarding the University's ongoing response to the current pandemic. 

Where can I report a concern regarding coronavirus on campus or refer a student to the Office of Student Conduct?

You can report a concern regarding coronavirus on campus or refer a student to the Office of Student Conduct via Pitt's coronavirus site


Housing Policies

Will the same Pitt housing policies apply to the hotels as the residence halls?

Yes, students will be required to follow all policies and protocols whether living in a residence hall or Pitt Experience partner property.

Can I have guests in my residence hall or my hotel?

Guest visitation rules will follow CDC, ACHD and University guidelines. All requirements are subject to change based on safety protocols.

Will students have to share a residence hall or hotel room?

This will vary by accommodation, based on required health and safety protocols for each space. 

What other steps are being taken to de-densify housing areas, including study lounges and laundry rooms?

Access to these spaces will be modified to follow current required health and safety protocols throughout residence halls and Pitt Experience partner properties. Additional details will be provided in the coming weeks.

If I am unable to attend the fall 2020 semester, will I be able to keep my housing guarantee?

If you will be a guaranteed First-Year student or Sophomore for the 2020-2021 academic year and you meet the applicable housing deadlines, you will have a housing guarantee for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

If I take the 2020-2021 academic year off, will I be able to keep my housing guarantee?

If you remain a registered student for the 2020-2021 academic year, you will retain your housing guarantee.

If I take the fall semester off, will I keep my selected room for the spring semester?

No. Housing will be available for you, but you may be assigned to a new bed space for the spring semester. 

I was planning to study abroad for the 2020-2021 academic year. Is housing available for me?

If you were given a housing guarantee in January 2020, you will have housing for the 2020-2021 academic year.  


Dining Services

Where can I find current dining hours and locations? 

Find current hours of operation as well as locations on our campus dining website.  

What protocols are in place in our dining halls to ensure dining on campus is as safe as possible? 

The University continues to work to ensure that on-campus, in-person dining is as safe as possible. For dine-in locations, reservations are required to maintain proper physical distancing and ensure capacity limits comply with commonwealth’s orders for in-person dining and the gathering restrictions in the University’s Shared Spaces Standards and Guidelines. All Pitt EATS locations and associates are:

Changing gloves and handwashing regularly
Practicing physical distancing
Conducting daily wellness checks
Wearing face coverings
Adhering to food safety standards
Sanitizing regularly

In addition, plexiglass barriers have been installed in dining areas, physical distancing and wayfinding reminders are well communicated in both dining areas and behind-the-scenes spaces, and the safety team provides ongoing training.

What if someone is not complying with the health rules in a dining hall?

If you see someone that is not complying with the health rules, please report a concern through the COVID Concern Connection. The more details that you can provide, the better the team will be able to address problematic situations. 


What will be in place to support student safety in hotel properties? 

All properties will have 24/7 security in place, along with a dedicated Resident Assistant. Campus shuttles, as well as after-hours SafeRider services, will be available to provide transportation services to/from campus. 

Will security oversee the entire hotel?  

24/7 welcome attendants will be accessible in each hotel lobby, as they are in each residence hall lobby. 

Who can I contact if I see any irresponsible activity happening in my neighborhood, including excessive noise or litter?

Students are required to follow the University’s Code of Conduct at all campus locations, including all residence halls and Pitt hotel properties. Should you observe a violation, please use the “Report a Concern” button at the top of the Environmental Health and Safety website, or submit a tip using the RAVE Guardian mobile safety app.