Lost Cards

To replace your lost or stolen Panther Card, please contact Panther Central via our contact form. Effective September 15, 2022, you must pay a $30 replacement fee each time you receive a new card.

Report lost cards immediately!

Report lost or stolen cards to Panther Central immediately at the Panther Central Community at My.Pitt.edu. Your card will be automatically deactivated.

Please follow these 4 easy steps to report a lost card:
1)  Log into My.Pitt.edu
2)  Search for "Lost Card Inactivation"
3)  Enter Credentials 
4)  Card Services » Deactivate Card

Liability for all financial transactions, including unauthorized transactions 

The cardholder is responsible for all financial activity that occurs on his or her card. Cardholders are responsible for reporting all suspected fraudulent or disputed usage to Panther Central immediately. Upon notification Panther Central will begin an inquiry and notify the cardholder on how to proceed. Failure to notify Panther Central of suspected fraud within thirty days may result in full cardholder liability for unauthorized usage. Card usage may be checked through the cardholder's my.pitt.edu account online. Any and all inquiries may be directed to Panther Central at 412-648-1100 or via our contact form.