Panther Central

Areas Included in the Selection & Retention Process

Suite & Apartment-Style Buildings 

Building Permanent Beds
Bouquet Gardens 651
Brackenridge Hall 205
Centre Plaza  197
Irvis Hall** 420
McCormick Hall** 132
Panther Hall** 511
Ruskin Hall+ 416

Residence Hall Buildings 

Buildings Permanent Bed Spaces
Irvis Hall** 420
Litchfield Tower C** 435
Lothrop Hall** 723
Panther Hall** 511

*Any suites or apartments that are not selected during Suite/Apartment-style Selection will then become available to General Room Selection. 

**Students in these buildings are required to select meal plans

+All suites/apartments are Gender Inclusive, allowing roommates to lives together regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, or expression. 

Reminder: There will be fewer rooms available than totals would suggest, as current residents have the option of Room Retention. (Current residents must meet certain conditions for Room Retention). After Room Retention has taken place, Panther Central will determine the number of available rooms. Panther Central will then use these numbers to determine the winners of the Suite/Apartment-style bidding process.