FAQ: Housing

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Yes. The University offers 12-month housing to our incoming first-year students and upperclass students in Tower A and Tower C respectively. Students are able to indicate interest in 12-month housing during the housing application process. They will be assigned to Tower A or Tower C based on housing availability and pending signed supplemental recess agreements. 

Learn more about 12-month housing.

Yes. You can indicate a roommate preference on your housing/dining services application. If both individuals agree, we will try to accommodate the request. Both you and your potential roommate must submit online the other person's seven-digit University ID (also known as the PeopleSoft number) on the online housing/dining services applications. We will do our best to accommodate any roommate requests; however, we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to do so.

Incoming first-year students can indicate the type of housing they prefer (i.e double, single, triple, or quad, and the building). Panther Central staff will do their best to accommodate any preferences you may have.

We generally send a "notice of assignment" to students in July. This notice will include information on how to go online and view your new assignment and room number. The notice will also include contact information for your roommate(s) and the residence halls' mailing addresses.

Room changes are generally done on an emergency basis only. If you would like to change your room assignment prior to moving into your housing accommodation, contact Panther Central. Room changes may be made, pending space availability, on a case by case basis. 

Once you have moved into your assigned accommodation, room changes will no longer be made by contacting Panther Central. If you live in a residence hall and have an issue with your roommate, contact your resident assistant to discuss. If you are living in an apartment style building, please come to Panther Central to discuss your request.

First-year fall-term students admitted through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid are guaranteed on-campus housing. This guarantee is good for three consecutive years if a student meets housing application and deposit deadlines in subsequent years. 


Fourth-year students (seniors) are not guaranteed on-campus housing. Other nonguaranteed students are transfer students, regional campus students, current students who live off campus, dental hygiene students, College of General Studies students, graduate students, and any students who did not meet the current or previous years' housing application and deposit deadlines.

  • The waiting list. Contact Panther Central to request a housing contract. We will add your name to the waiting list in the order that your housing contract is received. 
  • Off-Campus Living provides students with the necessary information and tools to successfully reside in off-campus accommodations. Students have access to a  Renter's GuideRenter's Checklistapartment listingsroommate and subletting service, and other useful tips. Off-Campus Living will also provide contact information to assist you in your role as tenant.

Students will be contacted when information is available. Placement for wait-listed students is completed through a selection process, phone or email communication, or random placement. The manner in which placement is completed depends on the term, time constraints, and/or on availability. 


Yes. We cannot guarantee that a wait-listed student will obtain on-campus housing. We recommend that wait-listed students pursue all their options, seek off-campus housing and remain on the on-campus housing waiting list. By accessing all their options, students can make an educated decision concerning housing. The housing deposit is refundable if a wait-listed student does not receive on-campus housing. 


Students not currently living on campus are added to the wait list in the order that we received their contracts.

You will be refunded only if you cancel your application prior to being assigned on campus housing. Fill out a cancellation form as soon as you no longer desire on-campus housing, and we will refund your deposit. If you reject on-campus housing when it is offered, fill out a cancellation form, and we will refund your deposit. If you accept housing, but then later decline it, you will forfeit your deposit.

No. Nonguaranteed students can never receive a guarantee. Once living on campus, they will receive future housing materials before incoming students and can reapply for the housing waitlist.

If you suspect that you have a case of bed bugs, we urge you to contact Panther Central immediately. Early detection is extremely important to prevent spreading and any suspicion is worth investigating. Panther Central will confidentially address your report by sending licensed exterminators to your room to assess the situation. You can expect licensed exterminators to arrive to your room within 24 hours of your call. Bed bugs are not pests that can be controlled effectively with do-it-yourself measures. Therefore, if you do suspect that you have bed bugs, please do not attempt to resolve the issue yourself.

If we do confirm that bed bugs are present in your room, don't panic. Bed bugs are pests that can be exterminated safely and successfully if you follow all guidelines given by Panther Central. Panther Central will provide a detailed treatment plan for any student with a confirmed case of bed bugs. It is extremely important that students follow the written instructions carefully and quickly. Treatment cannot begin until certain steps have been completed. 

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