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Housing Selection Lottery Number & PIN

Housing Selection Lottery Number 

Every student is provided with a randomly generated Housing Selection Lottery Number at the beginning of the current spring term. This is a unique number within the range of the total number of current residents. Instructions on how to view your Housing Selection Lottery Number online will be sent to your University email account.

Personalized Housing PIN

To select roommates during General Room Selection, each person in your group will need to create a personalized housing PIN. This number is also known as a Roommate PIN. The person selecting the room accommodation must have each roommate’s seven-digit student identification number, also known as the PeopleSoft number. Without a student's PeopleSoft number, it is not possible to select that student as a roommate. Each roommate must be a guaranteed student who submitted their housing application and deposit on or before February 1, 2022.

Follow the steps detailed below to create your housing PIN number: 

1. Visit

2. Go to the My Resources tab

3. Select "Panther Central"

4. Select "2022-2023 Selection Information" under Housing on the right-hand side of the page

5. Eligible upper-class students who wish to live on-campus housing have two options: residence halls or apartment-style accommodations.