Nutritional Information

We know dining is such an important part of campus life, and we want all students to have a successful dining experience. We believe in creating true partnerships: between you and our entire dining team – from our chefs to our cooks to our servers. Our goal is to meet the needs of all students with a food-forward approach so that everyone feels included and valued.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

Let us help you navigate the dining halls and advocate for yourself with some of these options:

Vegan & Vegetarian

More students than ever are seeking plant-forward options on campus. Whether you are interested in cutting down on animal protein in your diet or want to forgo animals and byproducts altogether, we've got you covered. Vegan and Vegetarian options are available daily throughout campus.

Faith-Based Needs


Visit The Kosher Plate in Market-to-Go to enjoy a Kosher meal. Our Kosher program is overseen by our full-time Mashgiach.

It is recommended that students following a Kosher diet to please contact our Food Safety & Nutrition Team to review your dining accommodations


Stop by Za'Tar in The Eatery or Pom & Honey at Cathedral for our Halal certified options. In addition, Halal-certified beef is available at True Burger and PA Taco in Schenley Cafe.

Safe Dining on Campus

We believe that food should provide more than sustenance alone; it should be a full-flavored and vibrant experience. Our communications team surveyed best practices in allergen-friendly branding, from other universities’ offerings to involvement of our own Pitt Allergy-Free Dining Committee. This research and discussion culminated in the creation of Flourish, our very own Pitt allergen-friendly brand. Through Flourish, we hope to evoke the feeling of nourishment which allows students to thrive and succeed. Flourish, is our allergen-friendly station, that features a rotation of menu items voided of the 9 common allergens and is located in the Eatery.

All front-line team members who staff our Flourish station are FARE-Allergy Certified. Flourish staff and other food-service team members are AllerTrain Certified.

All Management team members on campus are ServSafe Certified.

Nutritional Information

You deserve to know what is in the food you are enjoying so we make providing accurate nutrition and ingredient information for our recipes a top priority. Each of our dining halls feature signage with ingredients lists for each dish. More information can also be found on the Dine On Campus website under the “What’s On The Menu?” tab or on the Dine On Campus App.

Need more assistance? Our managers and chefs are available in our dining halls to answer all your food-related questions!

Look for these menu icons to find options that meet your specific needs:


blue balanced icon

These food choices are identified because they are limited in nutrients detrimental to health when consumed in excess. These foods make better choices for a healthier diet.

Avoiding Gluten

purple avoiding gluten icon

Foods prepared without gluten-containing ingredients.


light green vegetarian icon

Vegetarian choices do not contain any animal products with the exception of eggs, dairy and honey.


dark green vegan icon

Vegan choices do not contain any animal products at all including honey, dairy or eggs.