Food Safety

At the University of Pittsburgh, we expect food service operations to exceed basic safety standards outlined by the  USDA, FDA, and Allegheny County Department of Health.

Our food services provider, Sodexo, regularly conducts employee training sessions to ensure that our food-service operations follow industry standard best practices. In addition:

  • Each Sodexo manager and supervisor must be certified by ServSafe and recertified every three years, per Sodexo standards (the Allegheny County Board of Health requires recertification every five years). ServSafe is a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the National Restaurant Association.
  • Sodexo also follows and monitors Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) processes. HACCP is an internationally recognized system for minimizing and eliminating food safety hazards.
  • Sodexo contracts third-party experts who conduct unannounced inspections throughout the year.
  • The Allegheny County Department of Health inspects all food services venues at Pitt at least once annually to verify compliance with industry standard best practices.

At the University’s request, Sodexo fulfilled their commitment to providing:

  • A team of food safety managers to oversee inspections of all campus dining facilities and to re-train staff as needed.
  • A public health and safety expert—who is also a former health inspector—to conduct daily inspections of all campus dining facilities using Allegheny County Health Department standards.
  • A registered dietitian. 
  • An independent auditor to perform inspections, ensure compliance with county regulations, and verify that Sodexo’s responses and re-training efforts are effective.

Meet our food safety and nutrition team. 

The University is part of an incredibly complex food services landscape, with operators on our Pittsburgh campus serving more than 30,000 meals daily in a range of settings—from coffee shop kiosks to traditional dining halls. When issues arise, we work to immediately assist those impacted, investigate the source of concern, and address the issue as needed.

Everyone can help support a top-notch dining experience at Pitt. To share feedback or report an issue, ask to speak to a facility's manager or on-duty supervisor. Concerned visitors can also call Panther Central at 412-648-1100.