Non-Guaranteed Student

As a Non-Guaranteed student you are not able to retain your room, participate in general room selection, or apply for a suite/ apartment-style room.* Instead, you must complete the Non-Guaranteed Application and participate in Non-Guaranteed Housing Selection that begins in April 2022 and runs through July 2022

We encourage any Senior or other Non-Guaranteed student who would like on-campus housing to submit their housing application, including the payment of the housing deposit, by the due date of April 1, 2022. By submitting your application and deposit, you will be automatically entered to take part in Non-Guaranteed Selection. 

Once the online Housing Selection and Retention processes for guaranteed students are complete, Panther Central will determine availability of beds and will contact you via your University email address regarding Non-Guaranteed Selection. Your housing deposit is fully refundable if we are not able to find a bed for you, or if you choose to cancel your housing application prior to being assigned.

Applying for Non-Guaranteed Housing 

1. Complete the Housing Application and pay the housing deposit by April 1, 2022

2. Choose your housing for 2022-2023 beginning in April 2022 through July 2022

3. Move into your new home in August 2022

If you have any questions about the Non-Guaranteed Housing Selection Process, please contact Panther Central.

*Note: The Non-Guaranteed Housing Selection Process will be determined by the number of available spaces and will be communicated to students before the process begins.