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Housing more than 7,900 undergraduate students on an urban campus is a challenge, but we're committed to making on-campus living as safe, comfortable, and convenient as possible.

Cable TV

Basic cable television is provided in each room or suite in every residence hall and each bedroom and/or living room in every apartment-style accommodation. Pitt is teaming up with Comcast to provide students living on campus access to XFINITY on Campus. Through XFINITY on Campus, residents may access On Demand and live TV networks. Residents can access this service via laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Find out how to watch XFINITY on different devices on campus. If you need technical support, contact the Technology Help Desk online or at 412-624-HELP (4357), or read our Comcast technical support guide. If you live in a Residence Hall or Bouquet Gardens, you can submit an online maintenance request. 

Coaxial cables for televisions are available at Panther Central upon request. If needed, The University Store on Fifth has female to female adaptors available for purchase. 

Fitness Centers

There are 14 fitness facilities and ten are 24-hour resident hall fitness centers. A valid Panther Card is required for access to all fitness centers.


The University provides each resident student with an extra-long twin-sized bed with a mattress, desk, chair, dresser, wardrobe or closet.  Rooms also have window curtains or blinds. Trash and recycling bins are provided in the bedrooms of University residence halls. Review the Residential Handbook to learn about items you should remember to bring when you move into University housing.


Our housekeeping staff cleans communal bathrooms, lounges, hallways, and stairwells. You are responsible for cleaning your own room and the bathrooms in suites. Residents of apartment-style accommodations are responsible for cleaning their own apartments.

Trash Pick Up

Residents should place trash in a container lined with a plastic bag within the accommodation.  Residents are responsible for disposing of their trash bags on a timely basis in the designated receptacles provided by the University. Apartment-style residents must provide their own trash cans for individual bedrooms, however trashcans are provided in kitchen areas.


All University housing buildings have washers and dryers that operate with Panther Funds stored on your Panther Card. Students using Panther Funds will be charged $1 per load of laundry. Students living in Centre Plaza Apartments will have access to coin operated machines and will also pay $1 per load. Check laundry room availability from your computer.

If you experience any issues, you can submit a laundry machine maintenance request online

To submit a laundry maintenance request: ​

  1. Navigate to the service request form using the link above, enter the CSC Serviceworks six character machine ID, and click Submit.
  2. If you do not have the CSC Serviceworks Machine ID, choose the If you do not have the Machine ID link in the lower left screen. 
  3. Choose Community Laundry Room
  4. Enter University of Pittsburgh for Campus Name, PA for State, and 15260 for Zip Code
  5. Select University of Pittsburgh #1 as location
  6. Select the desired laundry room location from the list
  7. Choose the machine you wish to report from the list, and click Select
  8. Follow the instructions for submitting a report. 

Laundry machine

Lost and Found

Check for lost articles in these four locations:

  • Panther Central
  • Hillman Library—ground floor lending desk
  • University of Pittsburgh Public Safety Building, 3412 Forbes Avenue (University Police)


Your individual campus mailbox corresponds to your room and bed number. You receive the mailbox combination when you arrive on campus. The University operates resident student mail centers, which are conveniently located within the residence halls.  Residents of apartment-style accommodations receive their mail through the U.S. Postal Service. A complete description and instructions on mailing is available at student mail or the Residential Handbook.


Students in the residence halls may rent combination refrigerator/freezer and microwave units specially designed for residence hall use. For rental information or service, visit MicroFridge or call 1-800-525-7307.

Network Connections

MyResNet is the free high-speed Wi-Fi network in residence halls. It is capable of accommodating up to seven devices per student, for streaming music and video, as well as online gaming. Around-the-clock support is available through the University's 24/7 IT Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357). More information is available on the Information Technology website.  

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On-campus parking is available to full-time resident students. Due to the limited number of available spaces, permits are distributed by lottery. Parking must be paid in advance for the same academic term as the housing contract.


Residence halls recycle cans, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, batteries, and toner cartridges. Apartment-style accommodations recycle glass, cans, and plastic. Additional information concerning recycling procedures in University housing accommodations, see the Residential Handbook.


Most residence halls feature wall telephones located in the hallways. These phones offer free on-campus calling and free off-campus calling to 412, 724, and 878 area codes (Pittsburgh campus). There is no charge for incoming calls made to the wall phones (except collect or third-party billed to the University). For the University operator, dial 0. For the University police department, dial 4-2121 (from your cell phone, you may dial 412-624-2121 for Pitt Police).


The University's bus and shuttle system serves each residence hall seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our SafeRider services provide on-request drop-offs and on-call van transportation in the evening and early morning.

Upper campus shuttle bus

Other Amenities

Several of our residence halls offer a variety of other convenient amenities, including recreational facilities, computer centers, coffee carts, and dining facilities and daily delivery of the Post-Gazette, USA Today and The Pitt News in select residence hall common areas.

Residence Life Amenities

All residence halls and apartment style accommodations are staffed with resident directors (RDs) and resident assistants (RAs). Sutherland Hall, Tower A and Tower B also has an assistant hall director (AHD) on staff. Find information on residence life amenities.