Panther Funds


Panther Funds are a safe, convenient alternative to carrying cash. The Panther Fund program is free and available to all University students, faculty, and staff. Use your Panther Card to access pre-paid funds to purchase food, beverages, merchandise, and services on and off campus. There are no transaction fees or minimum balances with Panther Funds.

Your account is active and funds are available to you as soon as you "load" funds onto your card.

Loading Funds

Adding Panther Funds to your account is easy and convenient:

  • Online: Students can visit the Panther Central Community and load funds by clicking here:

  • Guest Deposit: Parents and guests, have your students' first and last names (exactly as it appears on their ID card), their official University-issued e-mail address, and a valid MasterCard or Visa credit card to make a guest deposit.

  • In person: Come into Panther Central in the Litchfield Towers Lobby with cash, a check, or a valid MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit card and we'll add funds to your account on the spot.

  • By phone: Call Panther Central at 412-648-1100 with a valid MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit card.

  • Cash Management Center: Use the CMC (Cash Management Center) kiosks in the Cathedral of Learning, Victoria Hall, Hillman Library, Litchfield towers Lobby, K. Leroy Irvis Hall, Sutherland Hall, Lothrop Hall, or Bevier Engineering Library to load Panther Funds with cash, a check, or a valid MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit cards.

  • By mail: send a check made payable to the University of Pittsburgh and letter of instruction to:

    University of Pittsburgh
    Panther Central
    Litchfield Towers Lobby
    Pittsburgh, PA 15260
  • Payroll Deduction (faculty and staff only): Enroll once and have Panther Funds loaded automatically onto your ID after each payday. Funds can be loaded in increments of $25, $50, $75, $100, and $150. Panther Funds can be changed or cancelled at any time.


You cannot use your Panther Card to withdraw Panther Funds in cash. Panther Funds can only be used to purchase goods and services.

Your photo on your Panther Card means only you can use your Panther Funds to make a purchase.

Report lost or stolen cards to Panther Central immediately at the Panther Central Online Community at Your card will be automatically deactivated.


Process of Reporting Lost Cards. Please follow these 5 easy steps:

  1)  Log into  
  2)  My Resources -> Panther Central  
  3)  Lost ID Cards - Lost ID Card Inactivation  
  4)  Enter Credentials  
  5)  Card Services -->Deactivate Card  

Balances and Transaction History

Each time you use your Panther Funds for a purchase, your remaining balance is displayed on the register or vending machine.

You can also check your balance online and transaction history at the Panther Central Community at or at the CMC kiosks in Sutherland Hall, the Cathedral of Learning, the Barco Law Building, Victoria Hall, Hillman Library, Bevier Engineering Library, or GSPIA/Economics Library.


Process of Checking Balances and Viewing Transactions:

  1)  Log into  
  2)  My Resources -> Panther Central  
  3) Panther Funds -> Panther Funds Load  
  4)  Enter Credentials  
  5) Account Transactions  



Featured Business of the Week

Save 25% each and every week at a different location, just by using your Panther Funds! See our Fall 2018 Featured Business of the Week calendar!

Books and Burgers, Copies and Cappuccino

Use Panther Funds to purchase meals and snacks at all campus dining locations and coffee carts; for books and Pitt merchandise in The University Store on Fifth and The Pitt Shop; for copying and other services at Copy Cat, and the University Library System; for postage and mailing supplies at University Mailing Services; to purchase Pitt athletic gear and memorabilia at the Team Store; in vending machines across campus; and in all residence hall laundry facilities. Panther Funds are also accepted at over 50 off-campus merchants.

Panther Funds Accepted Here

See the current list of participating merchants or pick up a list at Panther Central.

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Community Merchants

Panther Funds Accepted Here

See the current list of participating merchants or pick up a list at Panther Central. »



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