Students at tables in Hillman library

Your Panther Card gives you access to a wide range of University facilities and services. Find out what is available to you with your Panther Card.

Residence Halls

Only current residents have card access to the residence hall where they live. Each time you enter, the desk attendant scans your card, checks your photo, and returns your card to you. Refer to the Housing Policies or the Residential Handbook (PDF) for information on guests and visitors.

Laundry Facilities

All University housing buildings have washers and dryers that operate with Panther Funds stored on your Panther Card. Students using Panther Funds will be charged $1.25 per load of laundry. Students living in Fraternities will have access to coin-operated machines and will pay $1.25 per load.

Meal Membership

Present your Panther Card at any campus dining location to access your Meal Membership. Login to and search for "Dining Dollars Usage Report" to view your balance.

Libraries and Computer Labs

Your Panther Card is also your library card. Present your card at any University library to borrow books and other materials. Use your card to access any of the computer labs on campus.

Fitness Centers

Swipe your card to shape up in the fitness centers located around campus. Find fitness centers in your residence hall, Petersen Events CenterTrees Hall, Bellefield HallFitzgerald Field House, or Cost Center.

University Buses & Shuttles

Show your Panther Card for free, convenient transportation around Oakland on University buses and shuttles and fare-free Pittsburgh Regional Transit transportation.

Health Service

Injured? Under the weather? Get some TLC with your Panther Card at Student Health Service, located in Mark A. Nordenberg Hall, 2nd Floor. The address is 111 University Place. Schedule an appointment at 412-383-1800. Open convenient hours to best accommodate your needs: 8:30 am-7:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; 8:30 am-5:00 pm Wednesday and Friday; 10:00 am-3:00 pm Saturday.


Student Banking at Pitt

The University of Pittsburgh has a campus banking relationship with PNC Bank. To help you attend to your banking needs, there are a variety of online and mobile banking tools and ATMs. If you want or need to apply for a bank account before school begins, PNC offers student banking products. These services are designed especially for students, including the ability to link your PNC accounts to your Panther Card. 

You can find more information about PNC Bank’s student-focused products and on-campus services at

Link Your Panther Card to Your PNC Bank Account 

Link your Panther Card to your Pitt Student Plan from PNC Bank and use it as an ATM card. Get cash, make purchases—anywhere STAR or Plus are accepted. Visit the PNC Student Banking at Pitt website for details.

Low Cash Mode

PNC has introduced a new groundbreaking technology called Low Cash Mode. This tool will help students manage overdraft fees and take control when balances are low. Learn more about Low Cash Mode

Please Note: In compliance with the Department of Education's cash management regulations. The University is informing students that they are not required to open or obtain financial accounts through specific financial institutions.

Although the University has a relationship with PNC Bank, students are not required to open any type of PNC account. (Such accounts include checking, savings, prepaid card, or consumer asset accounts.) It is not required for students to link their Panther Card with a PNC Bank account. Students may utilize banking services from any financial institution and are under no obligation to utilize PNC Bank. PNC Bank is not mandatory for financial aid-related funding, including Title IV, HEA program funds, and Federal student aid.

If a student elects to utilize PNC Student Banking services, more information can be found on their website. You can also access a summary of features and fees related to the PNC Virtual Wallet ® Student Account. Please read the full Virtual Wallet ® Fine Print “What You Need to Know” for details concerning your account.

Certain information related to the University’s agreement with PNC Bank, including the governing contract, is available for review. Review the financial details surrounding this PNC Bank relationship.

Community Merchants

Your Panther Card opens doors around town, too!

Cultural Attractions

The PITT ARTS program lets you use your Panther Card for free admission to some of Pittsburgh's most popular museums. Learn at the Carnegie, Carnegie Science Center, Senator John Heinz History Center, and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum. You can also explore art at the Mattress Factory, and the Warhol. or experience the beautiful greenery at Phipps Conservatory.

Additional Perks

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