University Merchants

The University Store on Fifth 4000 Fifth Avenue 412-648-1455
Campus Coffee Carts Barco Law Building   
  Cathedral of Learning 412-624-2808
  Chevron Science Building 412-624-4461  
  Graduate School of Public Health Building  
  Hillman Library 412-383-6707
  Langley Hall   
  Litchfield Towers Main Lobby  
  Mervis Hall   
  Scaife Hall  
  Sutherland Hall  412-648-7797
  Victoria Building  412-624-5343
Cathedral Café  Cathedral of Learning 412-624-8006
Copiers School of Law  
  School of Nursing  
  SHRS Learning Resource Center  
  University Library System   
  Health Science Library  
Dental School- Instrument Store Salk Hall  
Einstein Bros. Bagels Benedum Hall 412-624-7833
  Wesley W. Posvar Hall 412-624-7588
Forbes Street Market  3955 Forbes Avenue 412-648-4422
Health Science Library Scaife Hall 412-648-8866
Laundry Machines Amos Hall 412-648-1100
  Brackenridge Hall  
  Bruce Hall  
  Bouquet Gardens  
  Forbes Hall  
  Forbes Craig  
  Holland Hall  
  K. Leroy Irvis Hall  
  Litchfield Towers Main Lobby  
  Lothrop Hall  
  Mark A. Nordenberg Hall  
  McCormick Hall  
  Panther Hall   
  Sutherland Hall-East  
  Sutherland Hall-West  
Maggie & Stella's Gifts & Cards 3925 Fifth Avenue 412-648-1353
Market Central Litchfield Towers Lower Level  412-624-1090
Market-to-Go Litchfield Towers Lower Level  412-624-1090
Student Mail Litchfield Tower B 412-624-4883
Panther Central Litchfield Towers Main Lobby
Sutherland Hall Lobby
Parking, Transportation, and Services Brackenridge Hall 412-648-4034
Parking Garages O'Hara Lot
Soldiers and Sailors Lot 
Petersen Events Center Food Court Petersen Events Center  
Pittsburgh Panthers Athletic Ticket Office Petersen Events Center 412-648-7488
The Pitt Shop 3939 Forbes Avenue 412-648-2606
The Pitt Shop at the Pete  Petersen Events Center  412-343-8049
The University Club 123 University Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Quick Zone Litchfield Towers Lower Level  412-624-1090
  Sutherland Lobby 412-383-3382
Schenley Café William Pitt Union 412-648-8785
Student Health Service 111 University Place
2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
The Perch at Sutherland Sutherland Hall 412-383-9124
Vending Machines Amos Hall  
  Barco Law Building   
  Bouquet Gardens J  
  Brackenridge Hall  
  Bruce Hall  
  Cathedral of Learning   
  Chevron Science Center   
  David Lawrence Hall   
  Forbes Hall  
  Hillman Library   
  Holland Hall  
  K. Leroy Irvis Hall  
  Langley Hall   
  Lawrence Hall   
  Litchfield Tower C   
  Litchfield Towers Main Lobby  
  Lothrop Hall  
  Mark A. Nordenberg Hall  
  McCormick Hall  
  Mervis Hall   
  Panther Hall   
  Sutherland Hall  
  Thackeray Hall  
  Victoria Building   
  Wesley W. Posvar Hall   
  William Pitt Union