Selection Central FAQ


As a rising upper-class student, why should I choose to live in on-campus housing?

From costs savings to becoming a part of a larger community, there are many reasons to live in on-campus housing as an upper-class student

As an incoming first-year student, why should I choose to live in on-campus housing?

From convenience to connectivity, there are many reasons to live in on-campus housing as a first-year student

Where can I find more information about 12-month housing?

12-month housing will be available to students who indicate interest on their initial housing application. Continue to check your University email or our site for additional details! 


Housing Eligibility & Guarantees

Am I eligible to participate in the housing application process for selection?

You are eligible if you meet all of the following criteria: 

  • You've completed the 2024-2025 Housing Application by the February 1 deadline 
  • You are a current and continuing full-time undergraduate student 
  • You are currently a guaranteed rising sophomore or rising junior living in one of our residence halls or apartment-style accommodations
How do I ensure that my housing guarantee is maintained for next year?

All housing guarantees are pending completion of the 2024-2025 Housing Application and are dependent on how students were admitted to the University of Pittsburgh as first-year students. Prospective freshmen who are admitted through Admissions and Financial Aid for the fall term, pay their $300 enrollment fee and their $325 housing deposit by their designated due dates and are guaranteed on-campus housing. This guarantee is good for three years, provided that all housing application and deposit deadlines for each subsequent year have been met. To keep your housing guarantee valid for the next year (2024-2025) you must meet the housing application processing and deposit deadline of February 1. 

I think I have a housing guarantee, but I have not received official communication. What should I do?

The Housing Information email states whether or not you are a guaranteed student. If you believe you are entitled to a pending housing guarantee but find your Housing Information email does not state such, contact Panther Central immediately at (412) 648-1100 or via chat

Are students who are involved with Greek life given a housing guarantee?

Greek Housing Students can gain a guarantee of housing in their specific Greek organization housing unit. This guarantee is limited to the total number of accommodations in the unit. To obtain this guarantee, your president must notify Panther Central by February 1, of your intent to reside in the unit. Your housing deposit and application must be completed by February 1. 

What other students are eligible for a housing guarantee?

Other students with a pending housing guarantee, include full-academic scholars, Resident Assistants for 2024-2025, and full-scholarship athletes. 


Processing My Housing Application

When is the housing application deadline?

Your housing application and deposit for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year are due no later than February 1.

How do I process my housing application?

Panther Central emails detailed Housing Application instructions to every student through their University email address. The first step of the process is to complete and submit the online housing application, which includes the payment of the $325 housing deposit, by February 1. 

What happens if I miss the housing application deadline?

The housing application deadline is February 1. There are no exceptions, nor will any extensions be provided. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the loss of any and all guarantees.

Can my housing deposit be deferred? 

If you receive a full scholarship or a full financial aid package, you may have your $325 housing deposit deferred. To defer the deposit, you must submit verification of your full scholarship or full aid package to Panther Central before the housing application deadline on February 1. 

Will I have to complete a housing application each semester?

No. By completing the housing application you are agreeing to a two-term housing contract for both Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. 


Selection & Retention

What buildings are available for selection and retention?

Not all buildings are available for selection and retention. View a list of accommodations that are available for selection and retention

What buildings aren't available for selection and retention?

Not all buildings are available for selection and retention. View a list of accommodations that are not available for selection and retention. 


Selection Lottery Number & Pin

How do I obtain my housing selection lottery number?

View our instructions for obtaining your housing selection lottery number. 

How do I obtain my personalized housing pin?

View our instructions for obtaining your personalized housing pin.