First-Year Students

Prospective first-year students who are admitted for the fall term through Admissions and Financial Aid and pay their $300 enrollment fee by May 1st and their $325 housing deposit by the deadline printed on their housing contract are guaranteed on-campus housing. This guarantee is good for three years provided that all housing application and deposit deadlines in each subsequent year are met. The Housing and Dining Services Contract is for both fall and spring terms.

Panther Central assigns all first-year students to on-campus housing in residence hall style accommodations. Housing is not on a first come first served basis. Regardless of when your application was completed, a mass allocation is run in mid-July. All students who have met their individual housing deadlines and are completed at that point will be assigned via the mass allocation and have a fair shot at obtaining their preferences. The system randomly selects students and assigns them according to preferences, as available. However, we are occasionally unable to accommodate preferences simply based on what is available when a student's name is selected. 

They are assigned primarily to the following Residence Halls:

*designated floors are home to first-year students while others are home to upperclassmen.

Due to the University's rolling admission, Panther Central will continue to assign in smaller allocations throughout the summer. However, the majority of assignments are completed during the initial allocation.

Gender Inclusive Housing is available to first-year students by contacting Panther Central directly upon admission to the University.

Nonguaranteed First-Year Students

First-year students who do not pay their enrollment fee by the date specified on their housing contract will be considered nonguaranteed. If a student is still interested in housing, they can pay the $325 housing deposit and complete the Nonguaranteed First-Year Housing Application. This will automatically place them on our housing waitlist. After the guaranteed first-year students have all been placed in housing, the nonguaranteed students will be placed in the order in which the completed applications were received.