Determine Your Eligibility to Participate in Retention 

You are eligible to retain your current housing assignment if you paid the $325 deposit, met the housing application deadline, and have both a housing guarantee and a valid Housing Selection Lottery Number

Residence Hall Retention 

As long as you are eligible to participate in Room Retention and you currently reside in the room you wish to retain, then you will have the opportunity to retain your current room assignment. Please note: At least 50% or more of the guaranteed occupants of your room assignment must participate to retain your room. After February 7, 2022, the Room Retention process will be suspended.

Note: All First Year buildings are not able to be retained. The University reserves the right to designate currently occupied rooms as unavailable. View a list of rooms that are excluded, as well as a list of rooms that are included, in the retention process. 

Residence Hall Retention Instructions

1. Log on to
2. Search for 2022-2023 Housing Applications and Information. 
3. In PittPay, click "Make Deposit" then "Continue"
4. On the next page, locate 2022-2023 Selection and Retention. 
5. Choose “Click Here To Retain!” 
6. If you are eligible to retain your room for next year, you will be directed to your Retention page.

Suite & Apartment-Style Retention 

To retain your apartment or suite, at least 50 percent of the current residents must return next fall and they must all have a housing guarantee. Returning suite-mates and apartment-mates will be responsible for recruiting additional persons necessary for 100 percent occupancy. All persons must have a valid housing guarantee at the time of application.

If these criteria are met, then you can retain your suite or apartment by following the Suite and Apartment-style Retention process. The University reserves the right to designate currently occupied suites/apartments as unavailable for Retention.

Suite & Apartment-Style Retention Process 

Your group must complete the Room/Suite and Apartment-style Retention Application, which includes but is not limited to each student’s PeopleSoft number, meal plan choice for next year, and the Personalized Housing PIN. The application must be submitted to Panther Central no later than February 7, 2022.

Each group must assign a group representative on the application who will be responsible for submitting the Room/Suite and Apartment-style Retention Application. This involves returning the completed application to Panther Central by February 7, 2022. Panther Central will then notify the group representative of the retention status of the group, e.g. confirm whether or not they are eligible to retain their desired room, suite, or apartment. Individual cancellations after Retention/Selection could invalidate assignments for the remaining occupants. Any suite or apartment occupant canceling after April 15, 2022, will forfeit the $325 housing deposit. Panther Central retains the right to fill suite or apartment vacancies.

Suite & Apartment-Style Retention Instructions 

1. At least 50% of the total suite capacity must be returning next year and must maintain a valid housing guarantee. For the odd number suites, round up for the retaining members of the suite.

2. The returning suitemates will be responsible for recruiting the additional persons necessary for 100% occupancy. These additional persons must be added to the retention application at the time of submission, or the application will not be accepted. All persons must have a valid 2022-2023 housing guarantee.

3All persons must have processed their Housing/Dining Services Contract and paid the $325.00 Housing Deposit by the February 1, 2022 due date and maintain a guaranteed status.

4. Your group must complete the Suite and Apartment-Style Retention Form for next year, no later than February 7, 2022.

5. Those individuals included on the Suite and Apartment-Style Retention Form who cancel after the retention form has been turned in, will have their vacant bed space filled by Panther Central.

6. Panther Central will approve Suite and Apartment-Style Retention Applications at the time the application is submitted. If approved, the group representative who is currently assigned to the suite/apartment will complete the Room Retention Online Process on February 10, 2022.

7. Buildings available for Suite and Apartment-Style Retention are: Bouquet Gardens, Centre Plaza Apartments, McCormick Hall, Panther Hall, Irvis Hall, and Ruskin Hall. 

Note: Panther Central will review all assignments completed through Suite/Apartment-Style Retention. All assignments must replicate the information listed on the approved Suite/Apartment-Style Retention Form. Panther Central has the right to remove any students from their assigned rooms if they do not comply with this retention application.

When & Where Suite & Apartment-Style Retention Takes Place 

Retention takes place online February 10, 2022. Only the group representative is permitted access to the online selection site. Group representatives must be prepared to make both the suite selection and the individual Room Selections for all suite- mates, as well as the meal plans for all the suite-mates. To assist the group representative, use the completed copy of the Suite and Apartment-style Retention Application to identify meal plan selection.