Suite & Apartment Style Selection

To be eligible for Suite and Apartment-style Selection, the number of students must equal the designated suite or apartment capacity, and all students must have completed a housing application by February 7, 2022. A student may only participate as a member of one group. Any student found to be a part of more than one group, including a Living Learning Community, voids Suite Selection for the members of all associated groups.

Each group is required to complete a Suite and Apartment-style Application and to nominate a group representative on the application. The Suite and Apartment-style Application will be available online in January and must completed by February 7, 2022.

*Important: If students currently living together as part of a suite or apartment want to retain the suite or apartment but no longer want to live together, all students in the suite or apartment must follow the normal Suite and Apartment-style Selection process.

A bid process is used to determine Suite and Apartment-style Selection based upon the information provided on the Suite and Apartment-style Applications. Each student of the suite or apartment group is given points for their academic class as follows: rising juniors = 3 points, rising sophomores = 2 points.

Panther Central determines the selection order among the groups based upon the highest bid total.

The lowest Housing Selection Lottery Number in each group is used to break ties among groups. On February 15, 2022, at 1p.m., Panther Central will post a schedule on our Selection Central homepage, indicating when each group is scheduled for Suite and Apartment-style Selection.

Suite and Apartment-style Selection takes place online on March 1-3, 2022. Group representatives must be prepared to make suite, apartment, room, and meal plan selections for all students.

Guaranteed students who are unable to participate in the Suite and Apartment-style Selection process may participate in General Room Selection with their appropriate class.